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Ep. 1 | How to Better Connect CISOs and CTOs On-Demand Webinar

49 min

The synergy between Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) is more critical than ever.

Yet, bridging the gap between these key roles remains a challenge for many organizations. How can these leaders collaborate more effectively to enhance their security strategies?

Throughout this engaging session, you will:

  • Understand how the responsibilities of CISOs and CTOs are shifting in response to emerging cybersecurity challenges.
  • Explore strategies to align and create shared goals for enhanced organizational security.
  • Gain insights into how effective collaboration can fundamentally improve your organization’s security posture and strategy synchronization.

By the end of our session, viewers will not only appreciate the importance of CISO and CTO collaboration but also be equipped with actionable strategies to foster this critical partnership, ultimately strengthening their organization's defense against the ever-evolving cyber threats.


Speaker Bios:

Alan Messer, Ph.D. 

Alan Messer, CTO at since 2018, is a pioneering tech leader with a track record of founding startups and driving innovation. With a Ph.D. in Distributed Systems and over 100 patents in AI, IoT, and more, he combines deep technical expertise with market insight. From spearheading Digital TV software at Sony to catalyzing connected device services at Samsung, Alan navigates projects with agility, shaping industry standards and creating impactful solutions in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Ray Espinoza 

Ray Espinoza is CISO at Inspectiv. With over 20 years in technology and 15 years in information security, Ray’s collaborative leadership style has enabled him to build information security and risk management programs that support business objectives and maintain customer trust across organizations large and small. Ray is responsible for driving operational security, risk and oversees security service delivery for Inspectiv’s customers. Prior to Inspectiv, Ray was VP of Cloud Security at Medallia. Additionally, he has held VP and CISO roles at Cobalt, Proofpoint and security leadership positions at Amazon, Workday, Cisco Systems and eBay.


Ray Espinoza

Ray Espinoza

CISO at Inspectiv

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Ross H

Ross Hendrickson

CTO at Inspectiv

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Alan Messer PH.D

Alan Messer

CTO at Mojio

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