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What Makes Us Different?

Fast Payments


Private Programs

We understand that challenges such as long wait times for payment, non-responsiveness, and crowded programs can be frustrating.

We pay researchers when vulnerabilities are accepted, not when they are remediated by the customer.

We assign dedicated program managers to every customer program.

Researchers have access to public programs, and can qualify for private programs over time.

How It Works

The process of working for Inspectiv is as simple as these three simple steps.

Create A Vulnerability Submission

Inspectiv Program Managers Will Validate And Deduplicate

Rewards Are Paid In A Timely Manner

Become a Security Researcher

At Inspectiv, our vision is to secure the internet. We believe that ethical security research comes with operating with the highest standards of professionalism. We seek like minded researchers to uncover vulnerabilities and threats that can damage growing businesses. If you share our mindset, we want to hear from you.

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