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The AppSec CISO, Vendor Relationships, and Mentoring

51 min

When Ray Espinoza joined Chris and Robert on the Application Security Podcast, he gave a treasure trove of insights for both security professionals and business leaders alike! Whether you're deep in the trenches of information security or steering the ship in business leadership, this episode is packed with valuable takeaways. Dive in to discover why this is a must-listen for professionals across the spectrum.

For Security Professionals:

1. CISO Insights: Gain a glimpse into the strategic mind of a Chief Information Security Officer. Learn from their real-world experiences and challenges in aligning security with business goals.

2. Career Development: Get inspired by the speaker's career journey and learn the importance of mentorship in your professional growth.

3. Data-Driven Security: Embrace a data-driven approach to security solutions, focusing on tangible results and measurable outcomes.

For Business Leaders:

1. Strategic Security Understanding: Learn how information security is integral to overall business strategy and decision-making.

2. Universal Risk Management: Gain insights into risk management strategies applicable across various business aspects.

3. Communication & Relationship Building: Enhance your skills in effective communication and professional relationship building.

4. Leadership & Mentorship: Absorb valuable lessons in guiding and inspiring your team, crucial for effective leadership.

5. Adaptability in Leadership: Understand the importance of flexibility and adaptability in today's rapidly evolving business landscape.

6. Data-Driven Decisions: Embrace the power of data in driving efficient and accountable business processes.

Don't Miss Out!

Tune in now for an enlightening discussion filled with actionable insights. Whether you're an aspiring CISO, a seasoned security professional, or a business leader looking to broaden your horizons, this podcast has something for everyone.


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Ray Espinoza

Ray Espinoza

CISO at Inspectiv

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