Did Inspectiv contact you?

To do good across the greater internet, Inspectiv reaches out to organizations when we believe our automation has detected a valid security concern or data exposure impacting your environment.

Contact is always attempted by Inspectiv's Security Coordinators, never by anyone outside our organization.

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We intend to make our Threat Intelligence team available to review how we identified the vulnerability or data exposure, and provide remediation guidance so you can properly address this security concern.

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Did an unknown security
contact you?

It is commonplace for independent security researchers to address security concerns on any web-facing properties. Inspectiv's Security Operations team handles all communication with external security researchers, and when applicable, will triage the disclosure, draft a report to summarize the details, and provide remediation guidance to fix any valid concerns.

Please fill out our Contact Us form to let our team know that you've been contacted by an independent researcher and would like guidance on engaging with the independent security researcher community moving forward.

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