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Vulnerability Detection Platform for Modern Security Teams

What Is Inspectiv?

Thousands of freelance security researchers use their unique skillsets to constantly search for security vulnerabilities in web and mobile applications.

We identify, verify and validate security vulnerabilities to help you prevent breaches and data theft.

We deliver unique and actionable reports to your security operations team through our vulnerability management platform.

Inspectiv manages the entire process, reducing overhead triaging reports and interacting with security researchers. Inspectiv also triages all outreach from third parties with security concerns.

The Inspectiv Process


Trusted security researchers test and discover vulnerabilities on web applications, mobile applications, and API ecosystems, which they report through the Inspectiv platform to Inspectiv's triage team.


Inspectiv's triage team validates all reports to ensure reproducibility, gathers any further supporting evidence from each researcher, and rewards the researcher for their valid vulnerability report.


Inspectiv escalates actionable vulnerability reports to private client tracking system for real time remediation progress and communication with Inspectiv triage.

Why Choose Inspectiv?

Inspectiv is the crowdsourced security solution that not only keeps your products and data safe, but also helps you win new business and new customers.

Actionable Reports

Verified steps to reproduce allow our security teams to remediate risk more quickly, reducing overhead in confirming validity prior to internal escalation.

Immediate Visibility

Inspectiv security researchers typically begin reporting findings within 24 hours of program launch.

Return On Investment

Whether for compliance or security assurance, working with Inspectiv ensures your products and customer data are hardened, reducing risk and allowing for confident business decisions.

Keep Your Environment Safe

As the online threat landscape evolves, our researchers adapt to test for new 0days and emerging vulnerabilities.

Inspective vs Competitors

In-House Security

Inspectiv provides better coverage for a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house security professional or team.

Security Consultants

A network of hundreds of researchers whose interests are much more aligned with those of the client.

Software Solutions

Companies need a solution that can remain agile with different deployment models and the ever-changing threat landscape.

Conventional Security

In-House Security

Hiring and managing an in-house security team is costly and is limited by the skill set and background of the team.

Security Consultants

Hiring security consultants can only satisfy limited short-term goals and can leave companies vulnerable.

Software Solutions

Purchasing an application vulnerability scanning solution is generally ineffective, costly, and challenging to implement and manage.

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