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Cloud Security Challenges: The Storm Ahead

Join us at the House Blues located in the Mandalay Bay on Tuesday, August 9th at 6:30 PM, for an evening of drinks, dinner, and discussion featuring Inspectiv Founder Joseph Melika, Open Raven CEO Dave Cole, and several members of our teams.

Fueled by a strong economy, cloud infrastructure adoption, speed, and sprawl have exploded these past few years. However, storm clouds are on the horizon, and modern security teams still face challenges when attempting to identify threats from application exploits, pinpoint data security and compliance risk, and eliminate sensitive data exposures.

Our discussion will focus on three central questions:

  • CSPs have unleashed a massive amount of security tools, so why is cloud security still a hard problem to solve? 
  • How will economic conditions impact budgets and risk tolerance? 
  • What are the critical focus areas for the next 12-24 months as conditions change?

See you there!


August 9th, 2022 beginning at 6:30pm


Dinner, Drinks, and Networking with Peers