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Turn-key solution to continuously identify security vulnerabilities and provide security assurance to your customers.

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Turn-key security solution without the hassle

Let our team harness the knowledge of over 4,000 security researchers to continuously identify and report security vulnerabilities in your systems.

Comprehensive Monitoring

Comprehensive Monitoring

Bad actors are constantly finding new ways to compromise companies' systems, and new vulnerabilities are reintroduced every time a company pushes new code/product. Inspectiv's vigilant security researchers protect your online presence by continuously discovering and reporting security vulnerabilities. Continuous testing is the key to ensuring the security of your data and systems.

Actionable Intelligence

Actionable Intelligence

Improving web and mobile application security can be challenging, and the right solutions are not always easy to identify. Inspectiv simplifies the process of receiving and curating vulnerability submissions, and provides your team with clear, concise, and actionable recommendations to remediate vulnerabilities.

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Inspectiv findings are well written and crafted and properly written to demonstrate impact and provide clear remediation steps. Our platform provides the ability to capture all the work done and properly document it in a report that provides value to your engineers, customers, and compliance auditors alike.

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“As a Cryptocurrency company, security is of the utmost importance. Our partnerships with Inspectiv allows us to maintain our high security standards and stay ahead of any potential security risks.” - George Melika, CTO at SFOX

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Inspectiv team of experts provide external validation of our security systems and help our team improve internal processes for dealing with threats and vulnerabilities.” - Igor Vaks, CEO at CreatorIQ

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