• hang in there

    One Question to Make a Better Fundraising Ask

    I recently got a card from my 85 year old grandmother. It showed a kitten hanging in a rather precarious position and looking troubled. The message inside was: “Hang in there.” While things are going well for me, it was ...

burn the heretic

The Perfect Time to Be a Heretic

Back in ye olden times, any person who actively preached and acted against accepted dogma was branded a heretic. Unfortunately for these courageous characters it often meant a date with a stake and torches. The penalties (like flaming death) for committing such acts of heresy were enough to keep most folk in line. They figured […]

first growth

Two Tips for Growing Your Email Housefile

I’ve been building and nurturing email housefiles for organizations for over a decade. And I will admit. While it might seem simple, it’s definitely not simple or easy. Growing your email list or prospect housefile takes patience and planning. In addition to some of the usual good advice about subscription form placement (every webpage), email […]