• play nice in the sandbox

    Why Can’t Fundraising and Marcomm Play Nice?

    I recently came across a blogpost from Nonprofit Marcommunity advising nonprofits to elevate the role of marketing and communications in their organization so that its importance is level with fundraising. As a fundraiser, it was an interesting and thought-provoking post…probably ...

take it home

Take That Donor Survey All The Way Home

In my home, I’ve adopted a phrase that reminds my family to not just leave their empty cracker wrappers, finished Starbucks cups, and used paper towels laying about the house. That phrase is: Take it all the way home. What I’m hoping is that it’ll be just that little nudge to take trash to the […]

tiger hiding in the jungle

Are You Capturing Donor Experience in the Wild?

Those of us who work in the nonprofit sector have become overly fond of the concepts like donor-centric, donor journey, and donor experience. Nothing wrong with that. It’s what we should aim our organizations to aspire toward in their pursuit of excellence. But what does it actually mean to be donor-centered? What exactly is a […]

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3 Keys to Persuading Donors to Give

As I work in digital fundraising and talk with other nonprofit leaders, one key question continues to emerge: Why do our donors give? On the surface, the answer may seem obvious, but the question persists because it’s truly difficult to answer. We all give for different reasons and with different motivations. Yet, the question of “Why?” […]

hang in there

One Question to Make a Better Fundraising Ask

I recently got a card from my 85 year old grandmother. It showed a kitten hanging in a rather precarious position and looking troubled. The message inside was: “Hang in there.” While things are going well for me, it was just her way of showing concern and also expressing a desire for me to give […]

burn the heretic

The Perfect Time to Be a Heretic

Back in ye olden times, any person who actively preached and acted against accepted dogma was branded a heretic. Unfortunately for these courageous characters it often meant a date with a stake and torches. The penalties (like flaming death) for committing such acts of heresy were enough to keep most folk in line. They figured […]

first growth

Two Tips for Growing Your Email Housefile

I’ve been building and nurturing email housefiles for organizations for over a decade. And I will admit. While it might seem simple, it’s definitely not simple or easy. Growing your email list or prospect housefile takes patience and planning. In addition to some of the usual good advice about subscription form placement (every webpage), email […]