Validating the cybersecurity of CreatorIQ, an end-to-end influencer marketing platform.

CreatorIQ helps clients run influencer marketing campaigns at scale

CreatorIQ is an end-to-end, enterprise-grade influencer marketing software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. “We help larger clients run influencer marketing campaigns at scale,” says Igor Vaks, Founder and CEO of CreatorIQ. With a client base of agencies, media companies, and direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands, security is central for CreatorIQ’s Enterprise Creator Cloud, which is powerful enough for the world’s biggest enterprises and agile enough for its most innovative.

Most of CreatorIQ’s clients are multi-national, global, household name brands—including Disney, Mattel, Ralph Lauren, and Unilever, to name a few. As Lyn de Leon, Senior Director of Product at CreatorIQ, conveys, “They, themselves, have high-security standards. They want to ensure that CreatorIQ is going to uphold and maintain those same high-security standards.”

An external source of security program validation

To uphold the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the CreatorIQ influencer marketing platform services, security is built into the platform from the ground up—“It is not the future, it is not optional, it is for us, a foundation for having trust. We have an internal security team. We have an excellent technology and compliance team. In addition to that, I strongly believe that having an outside audit, an outside set of eyes is valuable, and Inspectiv has been helping us with everything from compliance to standards to outside penetration tests for over two years now,” says Igor Vaks.

A transparent security compliance package for clients

Prior to doing business, clients want validation that their data will remain secure. Security by design is not enough. Businesses like CreatorIQ must provide evidence that their security architecture is not only secure but is also being continuously tested to prevent new threats.

By partnering with Inspectiv, trusted security researchers test for vulnerabilities on the CreatorIQ platform and publish any vulnerability findings to the Inspectiv platform for review and remediation. Inspectiv provides actionable reports for CreatorIQ to achieve its compliance goals and to gain new clients by exhibiting the testing and validation of its security practices.

For Lyn de Leon, “The Inspectiv reports are great. It’s an easy, client-facing document. It’s easy to read, it makes sense, it’s in logical order, it’s something that people can really understand. What I love about the reports is it allows me to prioritize what needs to get worked on first.”

As for CreatorIQ’s security team, Igor Vaks states that the reports are helpful to him and the executive team as validation that they are doing the right things—“They have been very helpful as part of our compliance package to our clients to show them that they don’t just need to take our word for what we’re doing, there’s a respective third party that has it validated.”

Why Inspectiv

“Inspectiv team of experts provide external validation of our security systems and help our team improve internal processes for dealing with threats and vulnerabilities.”

- Igor Vaks, CEO of CreatorIQ, Former CTO/CIO of Experian Consumer Direct

Inspectiv program managers work with vetted security researchers to identify, verify, and validate security vulnerabilities to help prevent breaches and data loss from affecting your business. Inspectiv manages the entire security research process and eliminates the need to hire expensive security personnel or ineffectual penetration testing consultants.

Contact us to learn how Inspectiv’s crowdsourced security platform can assist in protecting your business from ever-evolving malicious threats and vulnerabilities.