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WHAT IS Inspectiv

What is Inspectiv?

Inspectiv protects tech companies’ online presence by leveraging the skills of over 1,700 freelance security researchers who are incentivized to constantly search for vulnerabilities in businesses web and mobile applications. Our program managers work hand-in-hand with our vetted security researchers to identify, verify and validate security vulnerabilities to help you prevent breaches and data theft. Our program managers deliver unique and actionable reports to your business through the Inspectiv platform. Inspectiv manages the entire process, eliminating the need to hire expensive in-house security personnel or to hire ineffective penetration testing consultants.

How it works?

Why Choose Inspectiv?

Inspectiv is the crowdsourced security solution that not only keeps your products and data safe, but also helps you win new business and new customers.

WHY CHOOSE Inspectiv


As the online threat landscape evolves, Inspectiv continually adapts to maximize the security of your products and data.


Whether for compliance or security assurance, working with Inspectiv ensures that your products and customers are protected, enabling you to expand your business.

Turnkey Solution

Inspectiv security researchers typically begin reporting findings within 24 hours of program launch.


Our end-to-end pricing model helps you control your security spend.


Easy to understand reports enable our customers to win new business and achieve compliance goals.

Savvy customers and partners increasingly demand validation that their products and data are secure before they will commit to doing business with you. Security by design is not enough. Companies must prove that their security architecture is not only secure, but is also being constantly tested to avoid new threats. Conventional security solutions leave gaps that are easy for bad actors to exploit.


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