Good to see you here. Before we can start our tour, I figure it would be helpful if you knew a few things.

1. I’ve been working in the online space since 1996 and while I have developed an expertise for most things digital, the constant hyperspeed pace of change means we’re all still learners (even me). And I find that exciting and challenging.

2. Throughout my career, I’ve been fascinated by why we do what we do – learning what’s behind our actions to get at behaviors, decisions, assumptions, ways of thinking. I believe that if we’re going to create lasting, effective nonprofits, we need to spend more time, energy, and resources on uncovering donor insights.

3. I’m a genuinely decent fella who, however, is prone to frequent bouts of mild profanity, snarkiness, and mischief. I sincerely hope that’s not a turn-off, but I understand if you decide to work with someone else.

Okay…now with that out of the way, here’s what I’m offering.

I give a damn about the work you and I do as nonprofit professionals. We’re drawn to this work because it offers us a sense of purpose and honors our commitment to make this world better. And I believe the impact of this work will be stronger when we do two things. One, we openly embrace technology. Two, we work harder to gain deeper insights into the desires of our donors.

This starts to form the core mission of inspectiv. Here, we’re all about understanding donors in the digital space and translating this into actionable plans that any nonprofit – regardless of size, cause focus, and geography – can use immediately.

Let’s get started. To complete your tour, here are some places to visit:

about me. If you’re going to trust me to help your organization, you should have a sense of what I’ve done and how I think.

ideas. I consider our blog to be a workspace to offer research and observations, a laboratory to test new ideas, and a gathering place for community.

tools. Our nonprofits benefit when we freely share what works and what doesn’t work. You’ll find downloadable ebooks, links to third-party research, and more *coming soon*

work with inspectiv. Looking for an experienced speaker to talk donor insights? Need an assessment of your digital donor experience? Simply looking for help with writing copy that attracts more donations? Let’s partner together.

contact. Have a thorny fundraising problem or interesting digital idea but not sure how to implement? I can help. Send me an email. Give me a call. Start up a Skype chat.